Monday, October 31, 2016

Free Christmas Quilt Patterns and More Patterns for Christmas

FREE GO! Qube 6

Free Shipping on orders $35+You can't beat a beautiful holiday quilt to make for Christmas.  Making Christmas quilts in colors of red, green, blues, white or any color you want!  Christmas tree quilts are a popular favorite as well as snowflake quilts and star quilt patterns.  You can browse through some of the popular Christmas quilting patterns below or choose one of your very favorites to make as a gift for friends or family or to display in your own home.

GO! Festive Hunter Star Quilt Pattern

FREE GO! Christmas Wishes Quilt Pattern

FREE Snowman Games Placemats Pattern

FREE Alphabet Soup Quilt Pattern

 Quilter's World Quilting Patterns for Christmas and Winter Download Quilter's World Quilting Projects for Cold Weather

Santa Calendar & Card Holder Pattern Download

FREE Striped Little Quilt Pattern Download

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