Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Check out the New Projects to Make Using the Cricut Material Sampler Set

Material Sampler Set - Cardstock & Paper - Cutting Materials - Supplies
The Cricut Sampler Set has enough materials in order to try out a variety of different projects and last time I checked it was marked down more than 40% off . The Material Sampler Set includes Cricut® Iron-on, Cricut® Vinyl, Cricut® Cardstock, and two different cutting mats.
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This makes it easy to customize and personalize all sorts of items. Check out all of the free project ideas below that you can create with your Cricut Sampler Set it comes with the following items:
24 sheets of Cricut® 12x12 Cardstock, Antiquity (4 each of 6 colors)

Six 12x12 sheets of Cricut® Vinyl Brights (1 each of 6 colors)

One 12x19 roll Cricut® Iron-on Lite material in White

Two 12x12 StandardGrip adhesive cutting mats

Two 12x24 StandardGrip adhesive cutting mats

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