Monday, June 13, 2016

As Seen on the Today Show Prevent Brain Drain in Kids and Have Them Create Their Own Books

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Preventing the kids from having summer brain drain after all they learned during the year can be fun and creative by letting them create their own books, comic books, family photo books, magazines, cookbooks and more as seen on the Today Show recently. Give them a break from school but not a break from learning. If you have a creative writer, photographer or illustrator in your home give them the tools that they can publish into their own magazine. 
Blurb is a great website where you can print a book or magazine with your own photos or illustrations. 
 Have them use the tools on Blurb to 
Raw Vegan on the Fast Lane

Pricing starts at $3.99 and you can print everything from a kids book to a graphic novel and more!  They can be working on something creative but keeping their writing skills sharp and their art skills on track. Make everything from a recipe book to a gift or photo book for someone special.  Kids will love this idea of making something of their very own!
Add your own photos, illustrations and texts on Blurb

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