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Best Outdoor Garden Fountains to Enhance a Yard

One unique way to upgrade a yard or garden area is with a garden fountain. The sound of a water fountain in a yard creates tranquility and relaxation while you sit on your patio.  Some of the best features to add to your yard while landscaping is a water feature. This enhances the landscape and brings a wonderful way to enjoy your yard.
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No matter how big or small your garden is, having a fountain can easily transform a space form ordinary to extraordinary.  Whether you want a fountain with lots a jets or one with a trickle of water there are lots of different ideas to choose from. A fountain makes an ideas focal point in a yard.
Depending on the particular fountain, the sound effects can be soothing or exciting.
Garden fountains come in all sizes and shapes so it makes it easier to decorate a yard with this feature. By adding a garden fountain you are creating a tranquil area to relax and enjoy. 
Sunnydaze Old-Fashioned Wood Bin Outdoor Fountain with Water Tap, 28 Inch Tall

Sunnydaze Old-Fashioned Wood Bin Outdoor Fountain with Water Tap

So how do you go about selecting the perfect fountain for your yard? Well, first of all select a spot that you want to place the fountain in. Make sure to ensure you have a source to hook it into as most water fountains require electricity. You can easily use an outdoor-rated extension cord.  As for plumbing most of these garden fountains recirculate the water so there is no hook up necessary.
Here are some of our favorite garden fountains for you to explore!

Adirondack Fountain
The Adirondack Fountain is a great feature for any area!  It looks like real wood and has an inlaid leaf pattern. Here are some of the features...
  • Shown in Brownstone (BR). Available in your choice of 12 classic and distinct patinas. Each of these finishes is applied by hand in a multi-step process to make every piece a uniquely beautiful original. Unlike a painted finish, the finish on this fountain does not prevent the natural aging process and therefore allows it to weather naturally in an outdoor environment.
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A. from premium cast stone concrete to last a lifetime
  • No plumbing needed! Water recirculates within the fountain
  • Includes a whisper-quiet, UL-listed pump
  • Cord plugs into any standard 3-prong electrical outlet. An outdoor-rated extension cord can be used to lengthen the cord
  • Free Shipping to any address in the Continental USA!
Ordering Information for the Adirondack Fountain

Nico Jar Fountain in Basin
Refreshing sounds of bubbling water are the main enhancement of this beautiful water fountain.  It comes with a round or square basin here are a few of the main features:

  • Made of Glazed Terra Cotta. Basin made of Fiberglass.
  • Easy to assemble, the fountain kit includes the pump and all other components necessary to create your fountain. The basin provides easy access to the pump with a removable pump access plate.
  • Includes a whisper-quiet, UL-listed pump. No plumbing is needed. Water recirculates within the fountain.
  • Basin can be placed Above or Below Ground
  • River Rocks Not Included
  • Plugs into any standard 3-prong electrical outlet. An outdoor-rated extension cord can be used to lengthen the cord.
  • Be sure to place your fountain on a solid, level foundation. Specific assembly and care instructions are included with the fountain.
  • Free Shipping to any address in the Continental USA!
How to Order the Nico Jar Fountain and Basin

The Caterina Fountain is beautifully designed a smooth texture and clean lines for the bases of each bowl. The fluted pedestal and the smooth finial of the Caterina Fountain creates an elegant focal point.  Water flows out the very top of the finial, into the top tier just before overflowing the top tier and gracefully falling into the grand tier below. A beautiful accent piece for your garden that will create a warm and friendly welcome, the Caterina Fountain is sure to be the one piece your guests can simply never forget.

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