Friday, April 1, 2016

Sewing a Cute Rag Doll - Rag Doll Sewing Patterns

Sunflower Annie Doll Sewing Pattern
Sunflower Annie Doll Sewing Pattern - Sewing a soft doll for a child is a great gift for you to share with them.  You can easily make a rag doll with a quick and easy pattern.  Add your favorite yarn hair to the doll and use a fabric in the color of your choice for her dress and shoes.  You can easily make the Annie doll that resembles Raggedy Ann for a child.  Choose a fabric for her skin color to make her special. She has a primitive look that will make it look vintage for sharing or collecting. The finished size of this pattern is about 14-1/2 inches.

  Download the Sunflower Annie Doll Sewing Pattern Here.
My Brown Eyed Girl Sewing Pattern

  Brown Eyed Girl Doll Sewing Pattern 

This cute rag doll features brown eyes and a matching dress.  Red hair makes her stand out and her vintage look is one all ages will enjoy.  She is made to be about 19" Tall. A soft doll is fairly easy to make just follow the pattern and stuff her with polyester fiber fill or your favorite soft stuffing. 

Download the Browned Eyed Doll Pattern Here.

Yanna Jo Doll Sewing ePattern
An easy to follow vintage style pattern the Yanna Jo doll features sweet reproduction of an early American doll with her dress, bonnet, pinafore, and pantalettes will make a precious toy for a favorite child or a lovely addition to your own doll collection. Her facial features, hair, and shoes are added using pencils, markers, and paint. Patterns and full instructions are included. Number of Designs: 2 - Patterns for one doll and clothing Approximate Design Size: 22" tall
Roger the Pirate Sewing Pattern
If you are looking for a soft dolls for the boys this pirate one is perfect for the kids who love adventure!  This playful pirate is ready for adventure on the high seas! The skull and crossbones hat, eye patch, vest, and tall boots make Roger a very handsome (and fun) pirate. Designed by Abby Glassenberg, this is a great doll for the modern child! Best of all, Roger is a doll designed for real play by real kids! He's big enough to really hug and his design makes him durable and ready for hours of play. Finished size is 22"H.

Martha Louise Doll Sewing ePattern
Take a trip back in time with this classic pattern

Humpty Dumpty Sewing Pattern
A charming and unique gift to sew for babies and children, this Humpty Dumpty doll is designed for real play, and this one won't fall off the wall! 

Good Little Girls Sewing ePattern

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