Sunday, April 10, 2016

Great Ideas for Mother's Day Family Photo Books

Family Photo Books for Mother's Day
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Mom's take lots of photos of their family and share them online with family and friends but what about preserving those memories in a book to look at for years to come.  Now with all of the new technology we save all of our photos on our phones or laptops but what happens if you are not organized or somehow can't find one of your favorite photos?  A great way to save a year of photos is to upload those photos online to Mixbook and create a special book for mom, grandma or your parents to keep and look at whenever they choose. 

   Some of the best gifts I have ever given to family and friends is a photo book with their kids or grandkids in them. They tell me it's one of the best gifts that they ever received and given how easy it is to pick out a cover, select photos, upload them to Mixbook and create a family photo book you will be surprised at how easy and fun it is to create your own.  
Create photo books to share memories of vacations, school, parties, summer adventures,  wedding photos,  a new baby, old vintage photos and more.

Kids Photo Books and Albums

Wedding Photo Books

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