Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The New Cricut Basics® for iOS is the Easiest way to Create on Your iPad® or iPhone

Cricut Basic Apps
NEW Cricut Basics™ for iOS
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Cricut Basics is Fast, Easy and Accessible that's pretty much what the Cricut Basics APP is.  Currently available for your iPad or iPhone (Android APP coming soon)!
With Cricut Basics, you just choose your images and cut without having to go through multiple layers and personalization.
It's designed to get you from picking your image to cutting it out in the shortest time possible.
It's fun to design with Cricut but sometimes you just need to cut images fast and that's where the APP is beneficial to your project.  So whether you are a first time Cricut owner or an experienced user this makes using the Cricut totally simple!
Just pull out your iPhone or iPad and you are ready to get started!
The best thing is the Cricut Basics APP provides us with the thing we run out of the most the sneaky little thing called time.  You can easily cut images in just 3 quick steps.  Search for your image, select it, and then hit cut and it's just that easy.  The other great thing is that you can pick lots of cool images, start lining up you cut and then cut when you want.
With iPhone and iPad access to Cricut Basics you'll always be ready to go. 
If you want to give it a try download the FREE Cricut Basics APP and see how easy it is to use!
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Cricut Basics App for iOS

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