Saturday, March 12, 2016

Affordable Lovely Quilt Kit Patterns and Fabrics

Tried and True Solids Prism Expand-A-Quilt Kit

What I love about Quilt Kits is that it makes an easy way for you to create a beautiful quilt without having to spend a lot of money on fabrics and patterns. Currently some of the beautiful quilt kits which includes fabric is on sale for under $65.  The kits do range in price depending on when they are on sale but the majority of them usually are affordable and stunning to say the least.  If you enjoy quilting I would suggest trying a kit sometime. The kits make it easy and affordable to create a unique quilt every time. Plus you keep the pattern in order to use it with other fabrics that you have.

More Great Project Kits
Learn to Quilt with Amy Gibson

Moroccan Tiles Botanicals Paradise Quilt Kit

Jigsaw Solids Lakeshore Quilt Kit by Monique Jacobs

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