Monday, February 15, 2016

How to Crochet Easter Bunnies and Babies Patterns

Easter Bunny & Babies crochet pattern
Easter can be fun for the kids and parents but too much chocolate or Easter candy isn't always the best gifts.  My grandkids love candy but they still have leftovers from Halloween. This makes it difficult to find the right gift for Easter.  These adorable Easter Bunnies and babies are the perfect crochet gift for little ones!  They are easy to crochet. The mom is approximately 9-1/2" Tall by 10" long including the tail. Crochet her in worsted weight yarn using a SC stitch and add stuffing.  The babies are 4-1/2" T x 4" Long.  Crochet the babies in different colors and hide them in the grass or around the house for the kids to find. Place them in Easter baskets along with plastic Easter eggs for a fun Easter gift.   When crocheting stuffed toys be sure to follow the directions carefully.  Crocheted toys are a favorite to make and the kids will love them.

Download the Crochet Easter Bunnies and Babies Crochet Pattern

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