Monday, January 4, 2016

How to Make an Easy Yarn Pom Pom Using Cardboard

Image result for how to make a yarn pom pom with cardboardPom Poms can be used for all sorts of items from crocheted or knitted hats to toys and stuffed animals, gift wrapping and items that you make with yarn of fabric.  You can use a pom pom maker to make pom poms or if you want to create one quickly at home you can use your hand or a piece of cardboard to make a pom pom.  If you decide to use your hand to make a pom pom wrap the yarn around your hand approximately 80 times, cut the yarn leaving a long enough piece to be able to attach it to your project.  Use your scissors to cut another piece of yarn and tie it to the center of the pom pom.  Cut and trim your pom pom as you go.  If you use a piece of cardboard you can cut a piece from a cereal box or cardboard box.  Also, wrap the yarn around about 80 times and tie and cut. 
Take your yarn  and wrap it around a small piece of cardboard
Wind the yarn around and around and around. The more you wrap, the fuller the pom pom will be.
When you’ve wound to your desired pom pom size, slide the yarn off of the surface and tie a piece of yarn around the center in a knot. Leave the ends of this string long, so you can attach it to a gift or hat later.
Take a pair of scissors and cut through the loops on both sides of the pom pom.
Pull all the hairs up and give your pom pom a trim! This step is a must, for a fine looking pom. Just keep cutting till it looks full.

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