Friday, January 29, 2016

Find the Perfect Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern with the Encyclopedia of Baby Blankets

eBook The Little Encyclopedia of Baby Blankets - Crochet
Look no further for the perfect baby blanket to crochet for the new little one.  No matter what time of year it is a baby always needs a blanket and they always make the perfect baby shower gift.  We love the Little Encyclopedia of Baby Blankets because it has a collection of 17 baby blanket patterns to crochet using either lightweight or medium weight yarn. Choosing the yarn will make the difference in if you are making a blanket for a summer baby or winter baby arrival.  Keep the patterns handy for any time you want to make a new blanket for a baby.  These never go out of style and there are so many different patterns to choose from. Styles range from elegant to playful. Designs include Rosy Ruffles, Baby Blocks, Rock-a-Bye, Baby Blue, Bunny Blues, Charming, Precious Memento, Crib Cover, Lemon Meringue, Quick Ripple, Playtime Stripes, Tender Ripples, Ripple Dream, Mile-a-Minute Love, Naptime, Lots of Hugs, and Bright Eyes.

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