Friday, January 29, 2016

Find the Perfect Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern with the Encyclopedia of Baby Blankets

The Little Encyclopedia of Baby Blankets
Look no further for the perfect baby blanket to crochet for the new little one.  No matter what time of year it is a baby always needs a blanket and they always make the perfect baby shower gift.  We love the Little Encyclopedia of Baby Blankets because it has a collection of 17 baby blanket patterns to crochet using either lightweight or medium weight yarn. Choosing the yarn will make the difference in if you are making a blanket for a summer baby or winter baby arrival.  Keep the patterns handy for any time you want to make a new blanket for a baby.  These never go out of style and there are so many different patterns to choose from. Styles range from elegant to playful. Designs include Rosy Ruffles, Baby Blocks, Rock-a-Bye, Baby Blue, Bunny Blues, Charming, Precious Memento, Crib Cover, Lemon Meringue, Quick Ripple, Playtime Stripes, Tender Ripples, Ripple Dream, Mile-a-Minute Love, Naptime, Lots of Hugs, and Bright Eyes.

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