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How to Crochet a Round Rug Crochet Patterns

Large Picot Lace Rug Crochet ePattern
Once you have the basics of crocheting in the round you will be able to crochet a round rug in any style or colors you choose.  Most round crochet rugs start out with crocheting in the round and use a double crochet stitch.  A larger crochet hook such as a size Q or P is preferred along with thicker yarn or holding two strands of yarn together.
Let's Start with the basics of Crocheting a Circle
To Crochet a Circle you can either use a slip stitch to begin or a Magic Circle.  If you choose the Magic Circle method please check on YouTube to find a video on how to make the circle it's pretty easy to do.
Here is a formula that is pretty easy to do and you increase by every 12 rows (you can easily modify this for your rug).

Note: sl st  (slip stitch) in the top of the beginning ch-3 at the end of each round.
Alternate making the increase in the first dc every other round.

Round 1: Begin with 12 dc in ring.
Round 2: increase in every dc. (24 dc)
Round 3: increase every other dc.(1 dc between increases) (36 dc)
Round 4: make 2 dc between increases. (48 dc)
Round 5: make 3 dc between increases. (60 dc)

Continue increasing dc between increases until circle is desired size.

If you choose to create your own rug using the above instructions you can do so by modifying your stitches and using the correct yarn and crochet hook.

There are many patterns out there to crochet round rugs.  They suggest using rags or fabric strips but a rug can easily be crocheted using thick yarn or two or more strands of yarn held together.
Here are some patterns you may want to try.
Red Heart Comforting Rug
Free Easy to Crochet Comforting Rug Pattern

Crocheted Round Rug
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6 Skeins Black
3 Skeins each Lt. Yellow, Red and Turquoise
2 Sleins each Lilac, Dk. Rose and Bronze Gold
4 Skeins Dk. Green
Aluminum Crochet Hook Size J
Rug is worked in s c using a double strand of yarn throughout.
With Dk. Green ch 3, 8 s c in 3rd st from hook, join in 1st s c.
2nd and 3rd Rounds. Ch 1, 2 s c in each s c, join each round (32 s c).
4th Round. Ch 1, 1 s c in each s c, cut Green.
Always start next round in a different place so no joining shows on rug. Cut yarn after joining each round.
5th Round. With Black increase in every other st.
6th Round. With Lt. Yellow work even.
7th Round. With Black increase in every 6th st.
8th Round. With Dk. Green increase in every 7th st.
9th Round. With Red increase in every 4th st.
10th Round. With Lilac work even.
11th Round. With Red increase in every 4th st.
Next 5 Rounds. Work even working 1 round Black, 1 round Turquoise, 1 round Black, 1 round Turquoise, 1 round Lt. Yellow.
17th Round. With Dk. Rose increase in every 10th st.
18th Round. With Black increase in every 10th st.
19th Round. With Bronze Gold work even.
20th Round. With Dk. Green increase in every 6th st, then work 1 round even.
Work 1 round in same manner of each of the following colors increasing as necessary to keep work flat, Black, Lt. Yellow, Black, Dk. Green, Red, Lilac, Red, Black, Turquoise, Black, Turquoise, Lt. Yellow, Dk. Rose, Black, Bronze Gold, Dk. Green.
Wind all colors over a 5 inch cardboard, cut one end. Using 3 strands for each fringe, double in half and knot through each s c around entire rug arranging colors as desired.
Bernat Welcome Home Crochet Rug
Free Crochet Welcome Home Rug Pattern

Bag Rugs Crochet ePattern

Pineapples Rug Crochet ePattern

Swirls Rug Crochet ePattern

Blue Plate Special Rug Crochet ePattern

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Find the Perfect Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern with the Encyclopedia of Baby Blankets

eBook The Little Encyclopedia of Baby Blankets - Crochet
Look no further for the perfect baby blanket to crochet for the new little one.  No matter what time of year it is a baby always needs a blanket and they always make the perfect baby shower gift.  We love the Little Encyclopedia of Baby Blankets because it has a collection of 17 baby blanket patterns to crochet using either lightweight or medium weight yarn. Choosing the yarn will make the difference in if you are making a blanket for a summer baby or winter baby arrival.  Keep the patterns handy for any time you want to make a new blanket for a baby.  These never go out of style and there are so many different patterns to choose from. Styles range from elegant to playful. Designs include Rosy Ruffles, Baby Blocks, Rock-a-Bye, Baby Blue, Bunny Blues, Charming, Precious Memento, Crib Cover, Lemon Meringue, Quick Ripple, Playtime Stripes, Tender Ripples, Ripple Dream, Mile-a-Minute Love, Naptime, Lots of Hugs, and Bright Eyes.

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Learn How to Sew Your Own Lingerie with The BurdaStyle Lingerie Kit 2.0

Learn how to Make Lingerie with this great kit filled with information. 
 The BurdaStyle Lingerie Kit 2.0 at Interweave Store 

Interweave Store  check out the description below...  

Order the Kit
Lingerie 2.0 Kit
Introducing the Lingerie 2.0 kit with tons of great patterns and videos to help you make your own lingerie. They have included 6 lingerie patterns including the popular Bra and Panty Sloper (plus size also available). You’ll also get 5 video downloads that go over lingerie fabrics, sewing panties, and drafting and sewing your own slip with our fitted dress sloper (also included!). Best of all you will receive a coupon code inside the kit that will give you 20% off registration into our brand new Lingerie Course on BurdaStyle Academy!

See everything included in the kit below:
Spacer 10x10 pixels

This spaghetti strap camisole can be worn as lingerie or a top for outside the home. It has a empire seam under the bust, with gathered bust triangles stabilized with elastic on the inside for extra support.
Product Placeholder 180s

The bra sloper has shaped bust pieces and have a marking on the pattern if you want to sew in an optional underwire. The panties have a full coverage shape that sit about 2" below natural waist. They are meant for you to experiment with and design/draft/sew your own personal and unique patterns!
Product Placeholder 180s
Pajama Pants
PDF Pattern

You'll have sweet dreams in these 50s style blue striped pajama bottoms with contrast piping and elegant pearl buttons.
Product Placeholder 180s
Satin Bustier
PDF Pattern

Turn lingerie into outerwear in this little satin bustier. Plain black satin can be dressed up with cocktail jewelry and a little blazer, or turn up the heat with a flirty skirt… Or you can simply wear it strictly inside.
Product Placeholder 180s
Allie Robe
PDF Pattern

Every one needs a good and slinky robe to wear around the house and over lingerie. This robe pattern embodies some seam paneling for a nice fit and ability to panel colors and fabrics together.
Product Placeholder 180s

Make this adorable set for breakfast in bed or a slumber party. The ruffles and bows are lovely details for that classic boudoir look.
Product Placeholder 180s

This video goes over all the best fabrics and trims to use when making lingerie. You will also learn about the stretch factor of fabrics and how that affect the lingerie pattern.
Product Placeholder 180s

This 2-part video series goes over how to construct a pair of panties with crotch lining as well as how to apply lace to the panites with your sewing machine.
Product Placeholder 180s
Drafting & Sewing a Slip
Video Download

In this 2-part video you will learn how to draft a slip pattern on our fitted dress sloper (included) and how to exactly sew it!

Interweave Store

Sewing Lingerie: Essential Techniques

How to Trace a T-Shirt and Make a Pattern From Your Shirt

Trace a T-shirt, Make a Wardrobe by Improv Sewing
Trace a T-Shirt and Make a Wardrobe learn this technique from the free trial online class.  You can easily make your own clothes that fit your body using this technique. A lot of people who sew may think this is too tricky and they just can't do it but this class will show you that you can. If you have ever saw a pattern in a store or online that look too technical or very fussy and you may just have given up hope on sewing your own clothing. Once you learn this technique you will think that it actually looks pretty easy. Try it out and you will learn that this method will be a gateway into making an entire wardrobe of clothes. In the online workshop you will take a t-shirt that fits you really well and trace a pattern from it on to paper. You are going to cut out your fabric and sew it up and make it into to your outfit or shirt!

View All of the Sewing Classes Available
The Flirty Dozen Apron Pattern

The Refashion Handbook

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Crochet a Few Hats, Gloves and Handwarmers for the Entire Family!

Hats & Handwarmers for the Family The 10 designs in Hats & Handwarmers for the Family are ideal projects to make throughout the year. Get ready to stay warm and look stylish with this Red Heart collection of designs.

Hats & Handwarmers for the Family

Your family will love these warm accessories crocheted using a variety of Red Heart yarns! The 10 designs in Hats & Handwarmers for the Family are ideal projects to make throughout the year. Get ready to stay warm and look stylish with this Red Heart collection of designs.

Texting Mitts Crochet Patterns

Texting Mitts

When it's cold outside, you need texting mitts! These fingerless gloves keep your hands toasty while you stay in touch. These eight designs by Andee Graves are really soft and comfy to wear because they're crocheted with super fine weight sock yarn. The patterns range from Beginner to Intermediate skill levels. So even if you've only crocheted a little, you'll still find the perfect pattern. Why not make extras for your friends? Warm mitts r gr8 gifts! Designs include Simple Beginner Lace Mitts, Small V-Stitch Wristers, Diamond Back Mitts, Seashell Mitts, Cabled Shell Mitts, Chunky V's Lace Mitts, Staggered Cross Stitch Mitts, Twisted Cable Columns Mitts. BONUS: Online technique videos.

Hats and Scarves for the Family Crochet Patterns

Hats and Scarves for the Family

Great for gifts, the cozy designs in Hats and Scarves for the Family offer fashionable styles for kids, teens, and adults. Clear instructions are easy to follow, and bonus online technique videos offer extra help. All featuring medium weight yarn, the designs by Becky Stevens include: Houndstooth Set (adult hat and scarf); Lattice Stitch Set (hat and scarf for child and adult sizes); Everyday Set (hat and scarf for child and adult sizes); Team Colors Set (teen hat and scarf to make in any two colors); and Child’s Rainbow Ripple Set (scarf and two hat variations). For the classic adult patterns, a color change is all it takes to make them just right for men or women.

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