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How to Throw a Gender Reveal Baby Shower

How to Throw a Gender Reveal Baby Shower and Party IdeasGender Reveal Party - Basic - Gender Reveal - Party Theme - Baby Shower Neutral - Build A Party Discovering whether your new baby will be a girl or a boy can be an exciting step but you can share it with family and friends by throwing a gender reveal baby shower.

Personalized Baby Shower Advice CardsOnce you have the ultrasound done and find out whether you are having a baby boy or baby girl you can have the doctor seal the results for you to learn what it is with your guests or just surprise your guests.
There are many ways to reveal your baby’s gender. Make a cake and once it is cut reveal the blue or pink icing or cake inside. Release balloons in the color of pink or blue, shower your guest in pink or blue confetti, or have them open a card revealing the gender.
There are many tips about planning a gender reveal party including decorations, menu planning, gift ideas and more that can be found by following this link

Personalized Baby Shower Hershey's Kisses
Personalized Baby Shower Hershey's Kisses

Personalized 15 oz. Stemless Wine Glass

2 Tier Modern Diaper Cake

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  How to Throw a Gender Reveal Baby Shower

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

How to Organize Kids Toys After the Holidays and Beyond

Once the holidays or other special events such as birthdays are over parents sometimes need to organize playrooms, bedrooms, or spaces where toys are kept.  Whether these are small spaces, a bedroom, or a playroom there is always a need for storage and organization for kids to learn where to put there toys away after playing with them.  
Here are some ways to organize toys...
Before or after the Holidays or a Birthday
Sort through old toys and remove any broken or toys with missing pieces and throw them away.
Check for toys or books the kids may have outgrown or just don't play with or  that they may have duplicates of and place them in a box or a bag to giveaway to Goodwill or another charity that tags used toys.  
Begin to organize the toys by category. Such as books, action figures, costumes, cars, dolls, blocks, games, etc.  

Create the perfect Storage Space for the Toys

Creating a storage space can be easily done by either purchasing storage cubbies and organizing toys by color coded bins, adding bookcases, adding storage underneath a bed, or adding bins or toy boxes.

Bulk Essentials Non-Woven Collapsible Storage Organizers

Bookcases are a good way to organize games, puzzles and books. Plus you can even add storage bins and baskets to bookcases for small toys and other items
 Bookcases for Kids Bedrooms   Bookcase ideas for kids bedrooms and storage

Cubbies make a great way for kids to use their imagination when putting their toys away. Using different colors or numbers for toys makes an easy way for kids to learn which toys go in what bin for easy clean up.
 Kids Compartment Storage for toys and games Sort it and Store it for Kids toysStackable Mud 3 Compartment Cubby

Cubes and Bins come in handy whether you are using them in a storage bin, adding them to a closet, placing them under a bed or using them to hold a collection of blocks or stuffed animals.
 Folding toy storage bins Round toy storage bin with owl designLaci Dot Soft Storage Organizer (Set of 3)

 Jack and Jill Deluxe Toy Box Personalized Toy Box

A toy box is a great way for kids to pick up their toys quickly and place them all in one box! These are great for larger toys or storing all sorts of toys and you can even add books or small games to the side of lots of these type of toy boxes. Plus they make a great bench to sit on or store additional items.

 Daybed with storage trundle Twin low loft bed with storage

For smaller spaces or just extra storage, furniture with shelving and drawers are a great space saver and places to store clothing, books, toys and accessories.

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Download Free Printable Holiday Gift Tags and Labels

Holiday Gift Tag PrintablesHoliday Printable Gift Tags

Last minute gift wrapping and preparation for those handmade holiday gifts you will need to download and print some gift tags and labels to put on those special hats, scarves, gloves, blankets and other homemade goodies.
Here are a few of our easy and best of all FREE printable gift tags and labels that you can print and add to your holiday presents!  All you need is a computer, printer and some paper that is great for gift tags and labels. 

Printable Holiday Gift Tags - Free Printable Gift Tags

Care Instruction Labels - Printable Download - Free

IOU Labels - Printable Download -Free Printable

Christmas Gift Tag Template – Download & Print

Fancy Pants Designs - Golden Days Collection - Gift Tags and Labels

Shop Mabels Labels Online
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Download Creative Quick-Knit Knitting Patterns for Spring

Download Creative Knitting Patterns for SpringKnitting patterns for spring modern shawls to knit patterns

Get ready for spring and exciting new quick-knit patterns fun knitting patterns. With so many great knitting patterns, you'll keep busy knitting gifts, getting creative for spring and making home decor items. One of my favorite things about downloading a magazine is all of the patterns I have available at my fingertips.  The one thing I love about these patterns are the variety of knit designs for shawls, tops and more. These patterns are ones that family and friends will love to have and you can make for yourself to decorate your home or make a new sweater, afghan or pillow. 
Get your quick-knit fix in the new year! Enjoy a breath of fresh air this spring with a new take on lace that offers a modern spin on a tried-and-true tradition. You'll find lovely knit designs for shawls, tops and more. Add a touch of serenity to your surroundings with Harmonious Home, a calming collection of knitting projects to keep idle hands busy. Get this, plus informative knitting tutorials and inspiring articles when you download this must-have issue, guaranteed to take your knitting skills to new heights! 

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Give the Gift of Creativity Best Gift Cards for Crafters

No matter what type of crafts you are into from sewing, knitting, crochet, plastic canvas, jewelry making and many other craft you can't go wrong by sharing your love of crafts or giving someone who enjoys crafting a gift card to shop at their favorite stores.  Here are some of our favorite gift cards for the creative people in your life!

Amazon is one of the best places to get gift cards because of the fact that most people shop on Amazon and they have lots of books, craft supplies, yarn and more for crafters to shop for at some competitive prices.  Plus, you can download Kindle patterns and books for instant projects to make. Shop for Amazon gift cards featuring physical gift cards, ones that you can print, e gift cards, or gift cards that you can send via text or email.  Shop Amazon Gift Cards.

 - Another great resources for books and craft ideas is Barnes and Noble.  One of the reasons is they still offer free shipping on items at the $25 price which beats Amazon unless you have the Amazon Prime.  Plus Barnes and Noble gift cards are redeemable at the stores and online so these make great gifts for people who like to shop and not online. 

Sign Up at CreativeLive

CreativeLive Offers a entire selection of creative classes from photography to art and design, crafts, money and life and a whole lot more.  

Gift Certificates from the Scrapbook Store Range from $10 to $400 to shop for all of your favorite scrapbook supplies all year round.  Where a picture says a thousand words, a gift certificate says just two: 'Let's Shop'. Need it say more? That scrapbooker, cardmaker or stamper in your life will know exactly what to do with this gift certificate. Show that special crafter that you not only care about them, but you know their heart's desire. If you're a committed procrastinator, you'll love that these are available for immediate email delivery.

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