Friday, December 11, 2015

Adventures in Coloring - The Best Adult Coloring Books

Coloring books for adults addicting and relaxing

A few weeks ago I reviewed the Adult Coloring Books I received from Leisure Arts (read my review here).  I didn't get around to coloring in them until recently when I went and purchase some colored pencils and took some time out from my crochet projects.  Once I opened the page on the coloring book Extreme Wonders I was hooked.  I kept picking up different colors and coloring one line or dot after the next.  It was extremely addicting and fun but at the same time I got lost and forgot about everything for a while.   Before I started coloring in these book I checked out other coloring books at the Craft and book stores and nothing compared to the quality. The books found on the Leisure Arts web site are of heavy quality paper to withstand markers and pencils. Plus the pages are perforated for easy removal.  The designs can't be beat and with at least 24 pages in each coloring book you will never run out of things to color.  I just started and one page is taking me a long time. 
I purchased Rose Art Pencils which were inexpensive but I was surprised by the coloring quality.
Rose Art also has a Super Tip Marker Set which would be amazing to color in these books with.
Check out the vast collection of coloring books currently available Here on the Leisure Arts site.  I would highly recommend staring with these books and comparing them to others that are not as well done at the ones here.

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