Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Review of Leisure Art Adult Coloring Books

 Adult Coloring Books from Leisure Arts a Great way to color and relax

Leisure Arts Adult Coloring Books

Leisure Arts provided me with this great selection of adult coloring books in exchange for my review.
If you are like me you have been hearing a lot about the adult coloring book craze.  These books are meant for adults to use to unwind and relieve stress while having fun!
If you love coloring with crayons, markers, or colored pencils you'll enjoy these books!
The 9 coloring books I received from Leisure Arts are from the Ultimate Color Art Coloring Book Value collection that ship for free. (Be sure to use the code Checkout for an additional 10% off your order).   You can also order each one of these book individually. 

My first thought when I received the coloring books is how great this would be when I sit with my grandkids and they are coloring in their coloring books grandma will have her very own book to color in! After all coloring isn't just for children; it's proven to benefit adults also.
While checking each individual book out I was impressed with the quality of the 24 designs in each book.  The intricate drawings offer a complex way to engage the adult brain, but also simple enough that there are no rules or guidelines to coloring.  Plus, the pages a printed on a premium paper on one side only and are micro-perfed for easy removal so you can hang yours on your refrigerator along side the kids or frame your piece as artwork!

The Value Pack from Leisure Arts comes with 9 Color Arts books for you to color in, 216 total pages to color in, and ships for free.  
The books included are:

  • Ocean Wonders - Color Art for Everyone

  • Natural Wonders - Color Art for Everyone

  • Living Wonders - Color Art for Everyone

  • Kaleidoscope Wonders - Color Art for Everyone

  • Floral Wonders - Color Art for Everyone

  • Jungle Wonders - Color Art for Everyone

  • Extreme Wonders - Color Art for Everyone

  • Mandala Wonders - Color Art for Everyone

  • Botanical Wonders - Color Art for Everyone
This is a great deal considering what these retail for and the quality of the coloring books. Plus if you use your 10% discount by adding the code checkout it makes them even more of a bargain!

Get excited about coloring all over again and opening up that new box of pencils or crayons and choosing your favorite colors to use on your new books. 

I can't wait to start coloring in my books I just have to decide whether to use markers or pencils on my first design.  The challenge will be choosing which book and design to color in first since they are all so much fun.  Personally, I like florals and botanicals but I may just Mandala or Kaleidoscope designs first because they look like so much fun and I love the details in the patterns.

Learn more about the Ultimate Art Coloring Book Value Pack and receive free shipping and use the code Checkout for a 10% discount.

View all of the Leisure Arts Coloring Books for Adults Here 

•    Engages artistic expression
•    Provides creative freedom
•    Promotes wellness 
•    Initiates therapeutic relaxation
•    Stimulates the senses
•    Mind and body symbiosis
  • Free shipping in the continental U.S.

  • 216 designs to choose from

  • Works well with all coloring medium

  • Great way to end a stressful day

  • Subjects include nature, oceans, botanical, animals, Mandala

  • Heavy weight non-coated paper, takes color beautifully

Jungle Wonders Color Art for Everyone

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