Friday, November 20, 2015

Favorite Crochet Teddy Bear Pattern - Crochet a Bear

ANNIE'S SIGNATURE DESIGNS: Irene & George Crochet PatternMy latest project is a crocheted Teddy Bear made using Bernat Softee Baby Yarn in the Color Pink Flannel. I used the Free Buttercup Bear Pattern but adjusted the pattern to make a larger sized bear by increasing the stitches and using a size H Crochet hook.  The photo on the left shows the bear before adding eyelashes and other finishing touches.  

<-------  Irene and George Bear Crochet pattern.                         The photo below shows the finished bear wearing her dress made out of the same yarn, a crocheted bow on top of her head and around her neck, as well as one on her dress.  Her eyelashes are purple and I am thinking about changing out her bows to be purple also because she is going in a room that has the main color of purple in it.  I placed the Beanie Baby Bear next to her in order to provide you with a visual of her size. 
Below are some of my favorite Crochet Bear Patterns that you can add your own special touches to and crochet with any type of yarn your prefer.  I used baby yarn to give my bear a unique look but worsted weight yarn works well with bears especially when they will be used to cuddle or play with.
Another cute idea is to crochet outfits for your bear so a child can play dress-up with their new friend!

Red Heart Birthday Bear for a Prince 

Yarn Samplers From Knit Picks
Winter White Bear Crochet ePattern

Sleepy Bear Toy Crochet ePattern

Gifts to Crochet eBook

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