Sunday, November 29, 2015

Creative and Simple Gift Wrapping Ideas

If you enjoy wrapping presents like so many of us, you find it relaxing and fun. Perhaps because it is a creative outlet that crafters and creative people enjoy. I love seeing how other people wrap their presents. For the grandkids who tear through the gifts I don't do anything fancy but for others I try to keep it as special as the gift I am giving them. 
Here are some great ways to wrap your presents for Christmas, Not all all Christmas related and can the ideas can be used all year round.

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1.  How to Make Natural Holiday Gift Wrap - Easy and Inexpensive Ideas

How To Make Natural Holiday Gift Wrap

2.  How to Make a Holiday Bottle Bag - A Great way to give a gift of wine or spirits
How To Make A Holiday Bottle Bag

3.  How to Make a Christmas Gift Box - Fill up a box with treasures and gifts. This box is sturdy and can be reused to hold toys or other items. 
How To Make A Christmas Gift Box

4.  How to Make Wrapped Packages with Bows - Using wired ribbon will help spruce up a drab package and give it a unique look.
How To Make A Wrapped Packages with Bows

5.  How to Make a Fringed Gift Box - Using your Sizzix BIGkick Machine you can easily create great gift wrap for your packages.
How To Make A Fringe Gift Box

6.  Making Stamped Gift Wrap - These are fun gift wrapping ideas for the entire family to help out with. 
Makers Guide: Stamped Giftwrap

7.  Make Wine Totes Using Felt - Use Felt to make this project to make fun wine totes.
Makers Guide: 3 Geo Wine Totes

8. Holiday Gift Tags to Make - Using your Cricut Machine it's easy to make gift tags for holiday gifts.
 Makers Guide: Holiday Christmas Tags

9.  How to Make a Santa Sack - This is a great idea for larger gifts or to carry all your presents in.
Makers Guide: Santa Gift Sack

10.  Christmas Themed Fabric Tote - Use for gifts or to give an extra special present in.
Makers Guide: Christmas Theme Fabric Tote

11.  Make some holiday gift bags - An easy way to wrap up some gift using bags...
Makers Guide: Holiday Gift Bags

Bags & Bows - Peaceful Perch Collection of Holiday Bags
Winter Wonderland Collection of Holiday Themed Gift Bags
Holiday Boxes and Mailers
Holiday Gift Bags

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