Friday, October 9, 2015

Time to Find Out What's in the Cricut October Mystery Box

 Don't you just love surprises? Fall is well know for all sorts of scary and fun surprises around the corner from decorations to new craft projects for your Cricut machines.

See What's Inside Cricut's October Mystery Box!

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What's inside Cricut's October Mystery Box? We're not tellin'. But we will give you a few hints ...
  • It's valued at a whopping $208, but you'll be able to purchase it for only $39.99!
  • It includes 4 cartridges
And that's all we're sharing because we don't want to spoil the other surprises contained in this October Mystery Box! Purchase it for yourself and solve the mystery of what's inside! With Cricut, we know you won't be disappointed.   Open Your Cricut Mystery Box Here....

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