Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Large Easy Pieces Help You Finish Quilts Fast with Big Block Quilts Patterns

Leisure Arts Big Block Quilts Book
Using Large fabric pieces in your quilts will help you finish them up quickly, How to arrange the pieces is another problem that can be solved by using the Big Block Quilts Pattern Book. Creating patterns with large blocks of fabric or strips, a quilter can easily finish a quilt in one weekend.  In addition the quilts come up with a stunning look and you decide what fabric to use! You'll love the variety of patterns as you quilt your way through each one. If you are an experienced quilter you will enjoy how to get creative with the patterns in the book by arranging your blocks or pieces a bit differently, resizing or adding/moving your colors around.  The quilt patterns that you will receive in the book include: Bohemian Babe; Simple Elegance; Point Taken; Mod About You; Small Mod; Picture This; Picture This, Too!; Deep Blue Ocean; Star Search; Chinese Coins; and Emily's Garden in Blossom.
You can download the book or order it in Print Version on the Following websites.

Leisure Arts Big Block Quilts Download this as an eBook or 

Get he Printed Version.

Amazon - Printed Book Leisure Arts Big Block Quilts

Here are some of the patterns featured in the book...


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