Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Yarn Art - Learn How to Create a Yarn Art Bottle

Have you ever created sand art in a bottle and realized how messy and fun it can be?  Well, something similar can be done with yarn. After purchasing a Voss Sparkling Water at the store I wanted to find something to creative to use the bottle for.  As a crocheter I have lots of small pieces of yarn that are too small to use for a project or I have lumps of small tangled yarn balls that I just don't feel like untangling.  I love the textures and colors of these yarns and have a difficult time just throwing them away.  So what I did with them is take my yarn and glass water bottle and created m own yarn art in a bottle.   You can also create your own yarn art in a bottle and vary your colors of yarn, crochet chains of yarn before placing them in or just use your imagination!  The instructions for how to create your own Yarn Art in bottle can easily be followed below and the possibilities are endless.  If you decide to make your own please share your photos with me!

Yarn Samplers From Knit Picks
Scraps of Yarn or Small Yarn pieces. 
Tall Glass Bottle or Vase (dollar store vases are great also)
A small tool such as a plastic knife or crochet hook .

If you decide to use a glass water bottle such as the Voss bottles you will need to scrap off or remove the lettering from the bottle. Make sure to clean the bottle inside and out before using and allow to dry.   It takes a bit of time but is easily removed by using scissors or a scraping tool.  Be sure to do it over paper of a towel because it does leave a small mess. If you are using a bottle with a label carefully remove the label and clean the bottle.  

Next, get your yarn scraps ready. You can use small pieces that are 2 to 20 inches long, or longer pieces that are large enough to make a ball of yarn.  You will need to keep all yarn unwound before placing it in the bottle.  Choose how you want to arrange your colors of yarn or just randomly add them to your bottle.

Add one piece of yarn at a time to the bottle using a plastic knife or crochet hook to push it down into the bottle and arrange it. Mix several colors of yarn together and push down into your bottle at one time for a mixed look.  You may have to experiment with the colors a bit before you get the right look but that's the fun of this project! 

Once you are happy with the way your bottle looks you can put the cap back on for display purposes or show it off without the cap.  The great thing about this project is that the kids can help or make their own colorful combinations to put on a shelf in their room.  Kids can use plastic bottle if you prefer but glass shows the colors and textures of the yarn the best.

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