Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Easy Halloween Crafts How to Make a Crayon Dripped Pumpkin

Easy Halloween Crafts How to Make a Crayon Dripped PumpkinHere's a fun and colorful craft idea to make with the kids. A Crayon Dripped Pumpkin is easy to make and you can create them in all sorts of colors from Halloween colors to rainbow colors and beyond!  

Here's what you need to get started with you project...

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Maker's Halloween Funkins Carvable Pumpkin White 5.5''  A Carvable faux pumpkin in white or black.... Check out Maker's 5.5 inch Carvable White Pumpkin or the Maker's Pumpkin in Orange
Crayola Big Box Of Crayons  Crayola Big Box of Crayons - or better yet use old broken crayons the kids have lying around or even dollar store crayons. (Although the Crayola Crayons work best).

Instructions - Make sure to cover your work area with plastic or a plastic trash bag to help protect your work surface.

Peel and remove all paper from the crayons of the colors you choose to work with. Select your colors ahead of time to make sure you receive the right effect on your pumpkin.
Crayon Dripped Pumpkin
Using a Fire Starter® or long tip fireplace lighter hold the flame close to the crayon and melt the crayons on to the pumpkins starting from the top down allowing them to drip down the sides. You may have to turn the pumpkin on it's side to allow the colored wax to get all the way down to the bottom of the pumpkin.   For more details check out the instructions or print them here...

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