Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Some of the Best Adult Coloring Books to Relax and De-Stress

Leisure Arts Kaleidoscope Wonder Color Art For Everyone ColorBook

Natural Wonders COLOR ART for everyone
 - If you love coloring with crayons, markers, or colored pens or pencils then you are in for a real artistic treat when it comes to adult coloring books. Reintroduce yourself to the relaxed art of coloring!  Adult coloring books are not a new thing but have become more popular in the past year or two.  Currently six of the top 20 best-selling books on Amazon are adult coloring books. This can be a great way to escape during a break at work or just explore your creative side.

The art of coloring promotes wellness, engages artistic expression and initiates therapeutic relaxation. The coloring books below are beautifully themed coloring books, each with 24 designs, are printed only on one side on micro-perforated pages. Each includes tips for color planning, a color wheel with explanations of primary-secondary-tertiary colors, and tips for coloring and shading techniques.  affiliate links...

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