Saturday, July 18, 2015

Sewing Pajamas at Home - Pajama Sewing Patterns

What Good Snooze! PajamasWhat Good Snooze! Pajamas - Have you ever found a fabric or a pajamas you love but they don't come in your size or the color of fabric you are looking for? That's when sewing your own pajamas from a pattern can be a great resource for crafters.  Patterns such as the free Pajama top and pants or the Team Fleece Pajama Pants are one way to start sewing the perfect pajamas for you to lounge around in.   Once you select your pattern and your fabric just make sure you have the right measurements to cut out the pattern and sew up your pajamas.  Pajamas are fairly easy to sew if you have sewing experience.  Take a look at some of the patterns below and fabrics to create the perfect sleepwear for you or a loved one.

Hit the Hay Pajama Pants: Adult Pajama Pants Sewing Pattern for Women and Men

Team Fleece Pajama Pants

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