Monday, June 15, 2015

Orange is The New Black Crochet Bathroom Accessory Bag Pattern

Crochet the basket from Orange is the New BlackIf you have been watching Orange is The New Black on Netflix and enjoy crochet you may have noticed several items on the show that are crocheted from afghans on beds to accessories and more.  The latest item I noticed is from the 3rd season 2nd episode called "Bed Bugs" while in the bathroom the inmates are disinfecting themselves with Lysol there is a crocheted bag sitting next to the sink that holds the inmates toiletries.  It's something most of us can make at home using an existing pattern to recreate the bag and use for our travels or to keep in your bathroom for your own use. The Baskets such as patterns in Baskets from Leisure Arts have a few great ideas to use so do some of the other pattern shown below.  Of course you can always try to recreate one on your own since crocheter's have such talent and are able to crochet just about anything.

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Crochet Cable Baskets - Knitting Patterns and Crochet Patterns from by Edited byStaff



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