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Simple Yarn Sunday Crochet Easy Rug Pattern

Crocheted Kitchen Rug -Crochet Pattern

Quick to Crochet pattern

 Use up your scrap yarn and make this easy and great looking rug for your porch or any area of your home.  The pattern works up quickly plus you can easy use multiple colors for any type of effect you want.  Play with solids or multi-color yarns to see what sort of rug you can crochet this weekend.

Retro Rugs

Scraps of Beauty Afghan Crochet ePattern

Lacy Chevron ePattern from Breaking Amish

Friday, June 26, 2015

Download Easy Ripple Afghan Crochet Patterns in The Best of Mary Maxim Ripple Afghans

The Best of Mary Maxim Ripple Afghans

The Best of Mary Maxim Ripple Afghans - Ripple blankets or afghans are a great way to explore color and create a beautiful gift for someone.  These incredible ripples would be perfect in any color of yarn you choose. Make one for a sports fan, a new baby, a gift for mom or dad, for the new college student to take with them in the fall.  You'll have 10 different designs to choose from when you download or get the paperback version of Mary Maxim's Ripple Afghans patterns.  
Energize your decor with vibrant classic ripples from Mary Maxim. You'll become a master of ripple afghans with this collection 
of 10 beginner to intermediate patterns to crochet.

10 Designs to make using medium or sport weight yarns: To the Point Throw, Optic Waves Throw, Autumn Waves Throw, Rippled Lace Throw, Bands of Lace Ripple, Ocean Breeze Afghan, Rise and Fall Throw, Home for the Weekend Throw, Lace Delight Throw, and Rippled Afghan.
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Download Pattern

The Best of Mary Maxim Ripple Afghans The Best of Mary Maxim Ripple AfghansThe Best of Mary Maxim Ripple AfghansThe Best of Mary Maxim Ripple AfghansThe Best of Mary Maxim Ripple AfghansThe Best of Mary Maxim Ripple AfghansThe Best of Mary Maxim Ripple AfghansThe Best of Mary Maxim Ripple Afghans
The Best of Mary Maxim Ripple Afghans

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Learn About The Cricut Explore Machines - Craft Paper Cutting Machines

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Want the ability to easily make a personalized wedding gift or perhaps some unique home décor? Then you might find Cricut electronic cutting machines to be the best DIY crafting tool since the sewing machine. Craft paper cutting machines are great for all sorts of creative ideas.

There are two machines that Cricut currently offers on their site:
Explore One
Cricut Explore One™

Cricut Explore One™ is a simple design-and-cut system. It’s versatile, easy to use, cuts very precisely, and is also incredibly affordable. With its irresistibly low price and limitless cutting potential, the Explore One is perfect for a new or beginning crafter. Here are a few notable features of the Explore One:

Materials – All Cricut machines can cut an unbelievable variety of materials, for example:
  • Paper
  • Vinyl
  • Iron-on
  • Craft materials
  • Upcycled materials
  • Fabric
  • Plastic
  • Thick materials
Precision - Features Cut Smart™ technology, which allows you to cut a wide range of shapes and sizes with exceptional precision, from ¼" tall up to 11½" wide x 23½" tall.

Smart Set® Dial - Each machine features a Smart Set® dial, which sets your settings (e.g. speed, pressure, etc.) for you so you don’t have to keep track of them. You just select the material that you're using on the Smart Set® dial and the machine's Cut Smart® technology will deliver a clean, professional cut.

Images and Fonts - You can upload your own images and fonts for free on all three Cricut cutting machines.

Cartridges - Both machines work with any Cricut cartridge and have the capability to hold all of your cartridges “virtually” in the cloud within your Cricut Design Space online software. So once you’ve loaded a cartridge, you’ll have it everywhere you go.

Cricut’s Design Space™ and iPad® app - All Cricut Explore machines work hand-in-hand with Cricut’s Design Space™ (for PC, Mac®, iPad®, and iPhone®) that you get access to for free.

Cricut Explore Air™

The Explore Air is the whole kit ‘n caboodle. It offers all the impressive features mentioned for the Explore One, but two key things set it apart:
    Explore Air
  1. It has a dual carriage for cutting and writing or cutting and scoring in one step. If you do a lot of paper crafting, this is the machine for you!
  2. It has built-in Bluetooth® capability. You just use Cricut’s free iPad app and design anything you want from your iPad, just like you would on your home computer, but with the convenience of being able to take your projects with you anywhere. Then, you can just wirelessly send your project from your iPad to your Explore Air to bring it to life.
Now that you know a lot more about how Cricut Explore® machines work, I’ll focus next week’s post on how you can design here, there and everywhere with Cricut Design Space. You’ll be blown away by how easy it is.

Until then … Happy crafting!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Three Sizes of Baskets with Handles Knitting Pattern

Three different size baskets to knit that are great for storing everything from yarn to toys and anything else you can think of.    What's nice about these baskets is that they have handles on them so you can move them around to any room you want. The pattern calls for you to knit with 2 skeins of Plymouth Encore Yarn which is a bulky yarn that is sturdy enough to make the baskets stand on their on. Be sure if you use a different yarn that is is bulky and works for knitting the baskets.   You will also need size 10 knitting needles and 24" circular needles /set of 5 double-point needles. Baskets Knit PatternTriplet Baskets Knit Pattern

Flip Flops Plastic Canvas Tissue Holder Pattern and Other Season Designs

Seasonal Tissue Toppers 
One of our favorite patterns in the Seasonal Tissue Toppers from Annie's is the Flip Flop pattern for summer.  This colorful pattern is a fun one to display in a beach themed bedroom or bathroom or use it out on the patio or garden room.  In addition there is also a Happy Scarecrow, and a Frosty Winter pattern to create.  Get the entire book  here..

How to Display Your Quilts and Handmade Afghans

Deluxe Quilt Rack with ShelfDeluxe Quilt Rack with ShelfIn my house when we are not using a crocheted blanket or a quilt it hangs on the back of a couch or a chair (or on the floor if the little ones come to visit).  If I decide to put them away they go in the closet but then they cannot be shown off to guest or for me to enjoy the effort that was put into them.  I also have a few that I don't use as often but would like to display in a bedroom or family room and possibly change them out.  That's where these beautiful and inexpensive quilt racks com in handy.  The Deluxe Quilt Rack with a Shelf is perfect for any room and you can hang your quilt or handmade crocheted or knitted afghan on it.  This shelf shown comes in black, walnut and white for under $20

There are also the standard quilt racks or blanket racks that you can use if you have space on your floor area to display your blankets and quilts.  These are helpful when you want to utilize the racks in different rooms or put more than one quilt or blanket on a rack.

Learn How to Make Easy Birthday Cakes for Kids with an Online Class!

The Wilton Method: Mastering Buttercream by Wilton Instructors
 Kids love the colors and special designs on birthday cakes but in order to make the perfect cake for their birthday you may need a little bit of assistance. That's where the birthday cake online class makes it easy even for beginners to create the perfect cake. This class is an inexpensive and excellent investment to teach those who enjoy buttercream cakes and learning.  You will learn how to create easy birthday cakes for kids that are sure to become the talk of the party — and the town! Start class by learning to mix beautiful buttercream colors and frost your cakes for a super-smooth finish. You'll also get tips for dreaming up cute cake ideas and laying them out for the biggest visual impact. Then, bring your designs to life using customizable templates, perfectly spaced lettering and fun fondant layering techniques. Whether you're recreating a favorite animal, a rocket ship or making a decoration that looks just like the birthday boy or girl — fondant layering makes it a breeze! Plus, find out how to finish your cakes with eye-catching backgrounds and classic piped borders.  The class is easy to watch over and over again at your own convenience. 
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Jurassic World Cake Topper

The Wilton Method: Mastering Buttercream by Wilton Instructors

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