Monday, May 18, 2015

How to Make a Bowl Shaped Bird Bath

Coco Bowl Garden Decor 
(Instructions for the fountain can be found here...)
This bird bath is really easy to make using a few items found in the garden store or online. A lightweight bowl or planter and some Terra Cotta pots will make a unique bird bath that you can decorate in your own theme or colors.
Bird Bath Supplies and Tools

Medium Size Bowl Shape Planter 

Lip Bowl Round Bowl Planter Color: Sable, Size: 21
2 Cans of Rust Oleum Paint for Outdoor Use in the color of your choice.

4" and 8" Clay Terra Cotta Pots
Waterproof Glue such as Gorilla Glue or Craft Adhesive
Product Details

1.  Spray paint the clay pots and saucer and allow to dry.  Spray paint a second coat if necessary.
2.  Turn pots upside down and stack large to small with the saucer on top
3.  Secure plug in the bottom of the bowl and seal with glue.  Allow to dry and then set the bowl shape planter on top and begin to fill with water.

Glowing Girl Bird Feeder

A Well Deserved Drink Bird Bath

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