Sunday, May 10, 2015

Creative Cats Coloring Book Not Just for Kids

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Cat coloring pagesThese coloring books are not your kids typical coloring books. The creative coloring books are a great way to reduce stress and set your mind and creativity to another dimension. If you enjoy cats or just like to color or draw this is the way to do it with the variety of patterns and designs to choose from. The cat coloring book is perfect for school aged children and adults. Color on the 31 illustrations using crayons, pencils, watercolors, markers, pens etc. One nice thing is the paper in the coloring book makes a big difference it is a high quality paper and won't bleed through.  Try out one of these coloring books after a high stressed day, it is one way to calm down and relax and get away from it all.  Learn more or view additional coloring pages here...
Stress Less Coloring: Paisley Patterns  Stress Less Coloring Paisley Patterns
 or scroll down to check out the free coloring pages to try out first...

1. Break out your crayons or colored pencils. 

2. Turn off your phone, tablet, computer, whatever. 
3. Stop thinking about your job, your credit score, your reputation with your co-workers, your goals, your waistline, your retirement savings, etc. 
4. Remind yourself that coloring is like dancing, or being alive. It doesn’t have a point; it is the point. 
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