Saturday, May 2, 2015

Craft and Storage Ideas Using Wood Crates

Kid's Room Creative SpaceStenciled Storage CrateStuff-It Crate

Kid Toy Storage Organizer

Projects - Kids Room Creative - Stenciled Storage Crate - Stuff-it Crate 
A Wooden Crate is sturdy and easy to paint and use to create all sorts of fun craft and storage projects. These wood crates are available online and Walmart online and in their stores. The crates come in several sizes and can be used to store items and made into shelving. Paint them a solid color or use multiple colors to match a room.  From bookcases to toy storage take a look at some of the free projects below and click on the link to get the step by step instructions.

3 Drawer Crate3 Drawer Crate Stenciled Storage Crate Stenciled Storage Crate
Wine Glass CrateWine Glass Crate  Fabric Organizer Crate Fabric Organizer Crate
Distressed Crate TablesDistressed Crate TablesPopcorn Crate Popcorn Crate
Crates Shelving UnitCrates Shelving Unit Wooden Critter Crate Wooden Critter Crate
Fall Apple Crate Fall Apple Crate Whimsical Crafts Crate Whimsical Crafts Crate
Safari Crate Safari Crate Crates Archway Crates Archway

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