Thursday, April 23, 2015

How to Make a Summer Jar Lantern

Summer Jar Lanterns  Summer Jar Lanterns 

Wouldn't it be cool to make your own summer lanterns for the outdoors this year in any style you want?  Well you can easily do this with a few jars or mason jars from the craft or dollar store. The pattern I have linked to suggests using candles but I prefer using the battery operated LED candles that can be purchased at the craft or dollar store just to be safe when using them especially if you have kids around or are having an outdoor party.

To get started use some of your favorite craft punches, card stock paper, decoupage or Mod Podge, tissue paper, a foam brush, wire and wire cutters and scrap paper for additional decorations.

Using several layers of tissue paper punch out your design, apply to jar and add the wire.  You can print or view the entire free projects (directions) here...

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