Saturday, April 25, 2015

Best Ways to Organize and Clean Out Your Small Closet

 Closet organizer  Is it time to coral the clutter in your small closet and make room or just get organized? Whether you are cleaning and organizing a bedroom closet or the hallway closet there are several ways to eliminate the clutter and make room to see what's in your closet.  The first step is to remove everything from the closet and before putting anything back in make sure that if it hasn't been worn or used in a year it's time to donate it or sell it on eBay! Next figure out how you want to organize you closet and utilize the items below to get the best use of a small space or closet area.  There are several storage tools and tricks to getting organized.  Start from the bottom of the closet and work your way up when putting items back in.  
Consider putting shoes on a rack and adding some space saving hangers or a closet organizer. Coral the clutter with baskets and hooks added to areas on the side of the closet. Adding shelving to a closet that has the height.  Take a look at some of the best items we found below to get your organized and keep your closet clutter free!

Honey-Can-Do SHO-01599 Bamboo 3-Tier Shoe Shelf - Add a shoe shelf to keep shoes off of the floor while keeping your shoes organized and your floors clean.This shelf can help you stay organized in small spaces.

AmazonBasics Velvet Shirt/Dress Hangers - 50 Pack - Use a space saving hanger when hanging up your clothes. A hanger with a slick slim design allows you to maximize your space while keeping clothes secured while being stored.

John Louis Home Standard Closet Shelving System, Red Mahogany - A Closet organizer is a great way to reduce the clutter in a closet. Plus it provides additional shelving and makes it easier to find what you want to wear. This also offers you more storage space in case you decide to keep items or purchase more things.

Household Essentials Large Storage Box, Natural Canvas with Brown Trim - Baskets or storage boxes help contain clutter in a closet and can provide additional storage on the bottom or on a shelf of a closet.

Closet Complete Twirling Tie Rack / Hanger Organizer - A tie rack will help organize ties and scarves in closet

Organize It All Closet Doubler (1346W) - Use a closet doubler instead of a closet organizer to double the hanging space in your closet area.

Sterilite Wide Cart 29308001, 3-Drawer, White - Plastic Carts are a great way to keep items organized in drawers and role them out of site when not using them.

Liberty Hardware B46115Z-SN-C Double Prong Robe Hook with Ball End, Satin Nickel - Use closet hooks to hang up belts, ties, scarves, and miscellaneous items in a closet.

Way Basics Eco-Friendly Storage Rectangles Plus

Spring Cleaning Idea BoardWay Basics Eco-Friendly Duplex Bookcases
Honey-Can-Do SFT-01239 8-Shelf Hanging Organizer, White - Adding a shelf organizer is another way to get additional storage in a small closet space. 
There are several others ways to organize your closet from hampers to baskets adding additional drawers and more. Develop a plan and get started this weekend or week!

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