Saturday, March 7, 2015

Learn How to Paint and Decorate Wooden Easter Eggs

Painted Easter Eggs
Wooden Easter Eggs
A fun way to create your own eggs that will last a lifetime is to get some wood or paintable eggs and create your own unique one-of-a-kind Easter eggs to paint. Add stickers, paint, markers or do whatever you want to make your very own eggs for Easter decorating or to play with!
1. Base coat the eggs with chalk finish. Apply additional coats as needed.
2. Add details to each egg with silver, white and gold paint markers.
 To get started making these lovely eggs for Easter you will need the following supplies:

Folk Art® Home Decor Chalk: Various Colors

A Medium Flat Brush and a Detail Brush

Paint Markers
First Base coat the wooden eggs with a chalk finish and add additional coats of paint as needed.
Add details to the eggs using silver, white and gold paint markers.
Use your imagination and decorate the eggs however you choose!
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