Monday, March 9, 2015

How to Make a Knitting Loom Using items in your House

Looking for the next project to work on with the kids or maybe just bored and want to try out a new craft idea? How about making a knitting loom with things you have around the house.
knitting loom can be round or rectangular in shape. It can be made out of wood, plastic or common items around the house such as toilet paper rolls, plastic drink containers, wood and nails as well as other objects.
One of the easiest knitting looms to make is using Popsicle sticks, toilet paper tube, glue, rubber bands and some yarn. This one is fun to make for the kids and teach them how to make a bracelet and other items using the loom.
Easy Knitting Round Loom Set-Neon Colors, , hi-res
 Here is how you can make the toilet paper tube loom:
1. Using the rubber bands secure 4 Popsicle sticks evenly around the outside of the tube.
2. Tape the sticks in place and begin to knit
3. Optional – glue the sticks in place and use the rubber bands to hold them until the glue dries.

A few great sites to find out how to make other types of knitting looms and how to knit with them are:
How to make a knitting loom with stuff in your house – The site has tutorials on the paper tube method and making a loom using plastic bottles.

Sock Loom Basics

Loom Knitting: Make a Hat by Michele of Simplicity

Big Book of Loom Knitting Learn to Loom Knit!

Ultimate Oval Loom Knitting Set

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