Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Create Beautiful Craft Projects Using Chalk Markers

Chalk markers are non-toxic and a brilliant way to create all sorts of home decor projects and crafts.  Use on glass, paper, cardboard, and all sorts of items to create unique items. The markers won't smudge and they are great for kids to use.  If you want to view what others have done with these markers click this link and scroll down to watch the videos.    The best thing about using the markers is that they are not messy and do not create any chalk dust. Plus they come in vibrant colors so you can create lots of fun projects.  Here are few ideas on what you can make using the markers...
from invitations to decorations and more check the free patterns out...
House Rules Rustic Panel Sign - Using an old pallet or wood paint up a house rules sign or any type of sign you want to display in a room. Great for kitchen and living areas or make signs for a kids room.
Chalk It Now Garland Chalk up some Garland  - Use some card stock paper, hole punch, string, stickers and some imagination along with your markers to create a unique decorative garland.

Chalk It Now Candy Jar Candy Jar - Using a standard dollar store jar and some decorative labels and straws this simple project is perfect for candy or other items.

American Crafts - DIY Shop 2 Collection - 12 x 12 Paper Pad - Chalkboard

My Mind's Eye - Chalk Studio 2 Collection - 12 x 12 Double Sided Paper - Home

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