Saturday, January 31, 2015

Make Wall Letters for a Child's Bedroom or Home Decor

Designer AlphabetDesigner AlphabetA fun way to spruce up a child's room is to be creative with letters and write their name with them or favorite saying. If you have kids or grand kids this makes a great colorful way to spruce up a room.  Use these different ways to make colorful letters of the alphabet to hang in a room.  Once you have created a few for the kids room try tackling the kitchen, living room or any other room you may want to add a special say to. 
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Decorating Letters
 There are many ways to create letters to hang in rooms. The first way is to make some letters using plastic canvas and yarn. Using 7-count plastic canvas, these letters can easily be used to spell out names, welcome signs, crib mobiles, gift baskets, party designs, and other imaginative decor.  Download the Designer Alphabet Letters to view 9 different designs with 26 letters of the alphabet to use.  

Decorate with Letters
Use Paper or Wooden Letters to create unique designs such as a love sign to display your unique room decor.  Gather up some scrapbook paper, Mod Podge, to create unique designs or purchase cardboard letters or wooden letters to decorate with your own flare. 

 Fabric Covered Letters are another way to add something special to a child's bedroom or baby room. Using Paper Mache letters, fabric, glue, and spray adhesive you can easily create and spell out your words or name in a design.  Paper Mache Letters are fun to work with and there are several ways to decorate them.

 Wood Letters in white or natural wood colors  can be painted or decorated in any unique way you want.  Easy to work with and durable get creative using one or an entire alphabet of letters. 

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