Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Knit a Pair of Driving Gloves Knitting Pattern

Knit a pair of gloves that are inspired by a bit of history.  Use a lightweight or sport yarn to knit a pair of these regal gloves for yourself. The finished glove has a long length along with a snug fit around the wrist in order to keep them in place.  The best thing is that these gloves are sure to keep you warm all winter long and look good at the same time.  Knit these fashionable gloves inspired by history in a sportweight yarn with a long cuff and an inverted pleat on the inner arm tapering to a snug wrist. 

Add small buttons close to the pleat to keep out the cold, or unbutton them to exaggerate the flare of the cuff. Ribbing with twisted knit stitches keeps the gauntlet firm and merges into cables at the wrist. The hand, in fingering yarn, is smooth stockinette with tapered fingers and thumbs. Enjoy the three "tuck" lines that adorn the back of the hand.   
Hand Knit Pattern Driving Gloves Knitting Pattern Fingering

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