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How to Throw a Gender Reveal Baby Shower

 How to Throw a Gender Reveal Baby Shower and Party Ideas
Gender Reveal Party - Basic - Gender Reveal - Party Theme - Baby Shower Neutral - Build A Party Discovering whether your new baby will be a girl or a boy can be an exciting step but you can share it with family and friends by throwing a gender reveal baby shower.

Once you have the ultrasound done and find out whether you are having a baby boy or baby girl you can have the doctor seal the results for you to learn what it is with your guests or just surprise your guests.
There are many ways to reveal your baby’s gender. Make a cake and once it is cut reveal the blue or pink icing or cake inside. Release balloons in the color of pink or blue, shower your guest in pink or blue confetti, or have them open a card revealing the gender.
There are many tips about planning a gender reveal party including decorations, menu planning, gift ideas and more that can be found by following this link.
 Gender Reveal Baby Shower Personalized Banner
More ideas and baby shower decorations…
 Gender Reveal Party Kit

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