Saturday, January 3, 2015

Free Quilt Pattern of the Day Windmills at Night Quilting Pattern

Patriotic Rag Picnic Blanket
With one pattern you can make the fabulous quilt, all of which are perfect sizes to take on your next picnic adventure. Starting with the Jelly Bean quilt, all you need to do is make one extra seam on the part that is trimmed off to end up with enough half-square triangles to make the two smaller quilts-Zig-Zag and Pinwheels. You will need an additional 8 yards of fabric for backings. Techniques: piecing Skill level: easy

Windmills at Night Free Quilting Pattern
This pattern is easy enough to make even for a beginner quilter.  The pretty design makes it look like you have been quilting for years. Using Pre-Cut Jelly Rolls makes the entire process much easy to sew together and you can easily use your own favorite colors for the quilt. 
If you are not sure what a Jelly Roll is you can find them here...
Download Pattern

Windmill Bedding Plants of Netherlands Farm Country Heritage Historical Architecture Duvet Set

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