Sunday, January 25, 2015

Fauxchet EASYLOOP Yarn Tool a New Twist on Crochet

The Fauxchet Yarn Tool is a new way to crochet.  It can be used for many things including crochet, beading, seaming, edging and more.  It reminds me of the old K-Tel Knitter and the one looper but this one is pretty easy to learn once you get a book or watch a YouTube Video on how to crochet with it.  Plus with the tool you can make items that look unique to crochet.  The yarn tool comes with instructions for mastering the easyloop tool and there are lots of helpful books and videos to get you started. You will be amazed at how easy it is to learn. But it does take a bit of practice using the tool.
Here’s some things to like about the easyloop® tool:
  • easy to learn the basics
  • easy to learn the advanced techniques
  • easy to hold the tension yarn
  • easy to make edging
  • easy to add beads
  • economical to buy
  • great resources – instruction booklet and videos
  • relaxing to use
  • dropped stitches don’t unravel the work
  • no hook end to snag on stitches or yarn
  • easy to work with two strands of yarn at once
Check out the Fauxchet EASYLOOP Yarn tool on Amazon and view some of the books and videos below. You can find free patterns for the Fauxchex here.

Fauxchet Stitching Beginner Basics 1

Fauxchet on Canvas Beginner Basics 1

Fauxchet Digital ePattern Autumn Scarf Trio

Fauxchet Digital ePattern Laced Wristlets

Fauxchet Digital ePattern Coxy Striped Throw

Fauxchet Digital ePattern Baby Blocks Blankets

Fauxchet on Canvas Digital ePattern Let There Be Loops Pillow

Fauxchet on Canvas Digital ePattern Rainbow Rug

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