Monday, December 8, 2014

Learn How to Crochet and Knit with Red Heart Boutique Ribbons Yarn Instructions

After purchasing the Red Heart Boutique Ribbons Yarn I decided to look online first before using it since it was a yarn I had never worked with before.  Good thing I did because there is a specific way to unwind this yarn and use it for crochet and knitting projects. Boutique Ribbons comes in lots of colors and makes beautiful scarves to wear for dress up and gifts for an inexpensive price.  One skein will create a beautiful gift for someone.  Once you have purchased the yarn follow the instructions on how to unwind it before using.
 The first thing you want to do is get an empty paper towel roll and some scissors in order to wind the Ribbons on to the towel roll.  Take the paper off of the yarn and place carefully on a table or flat surface.  I used the floor because the black showed better for photographs. Boutique Ribbons Yarn Color City  is used in the example

Next carefully layout your yarn in a circle and try to lay flat in order to find all of the strings that tie the yarn together.  Be sure to lay the yarn in order not to twist or tangle it and get your scissors ready in order to cut any strings you may have. Also watch for things that could stick to your yarn like scissors hooks and carpeting.  It is delicate but can be handled easily.
(Scroll to the bottom for How-to Video Instructions)
 Red Heart Boutique Ribbons Yarn

Get your scissors ready and find any of the yarn strings that are attached to the yarn.  You want to be very careful when cutting these strings and not cut any of the yarn.  They may be tied in a couple of different places so make sure you cut but front and back sides in order to be able to unwrap the yarn later on to your paper towel tube holder.
Boutique Ribbons Yarn The strings that you are cutting are thing so watch to make sure you cut and remove all of them.  Use a good light source when cutting and removing the strings and just be sure to double check before winding the yarn on your tube.

 After you have cut your yarn be sure not to tangle it up like shown in the photo. Lay flat in a circle in order to avoid any twists or untangling problems.  I actually laid mine out intentionally this way in order to show how it can get twisted up but the best way is to leave yours in a circle on a flat surface and start winding it on to your clean paper towel tube. 

 Continue winding the yarn on to the empty tube holders and try not to twist or tangle the yarn as you continue to wind it.  This will avoid any time consuming untangling when crocheting or knitting your project with the Boutique Ribbons Yarn as you use it. 

 I wound my loose around the tube in order to avoid any twists or knots when unraveling for future use.  Since I had two skeins of the yarn I decided to complete both skeins at one time for new projects.  This way they would be ready to be pulled from my yarn stash any time I need them. 

 Once the yarn is on the tube it should stay stored nicely.  This is what my Boutique Ribbons yarn looked like after I placed the entire skein on to the paper towel tube.  Now I am ready to make a scarf or used if for other creative craft projects.  If you are looking for projects to make with this yarn check out the Red Heart website or Raverly for some great free patterns.

  Here is a scarf made using the Red Heart Boutique Ribbons Yarn - Single Crocheted using a Size Q crochet hook. 

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