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Learn how to Tunisian Crochet with online Tutorials and patterns

Leisure Arts Ultimate Beginner's Guide To Tunisian Crochet Book

Once you have mastered the art of crochet you may want to try out a new technique. One of the more popular ways to crochet is called Tunisian crochet which is a fabulous way of mixing crochet and knitting techniques.
The technique of Tunisian crochet is a method of back and forth motions that take stitches on and off the hook without turning. There is no need to know how to knit when using this method all you need is some basic crochet skills.

To begin with you will need to purchase a Tunisian crochet hook which is also called and afghan hook. The hook is a long crochet hook with a stopper on one end of the hook like a knitting needle has on it. The reason for the stopper is so that your stitches won’t fall off while you crochet.
Tunisian Crochet Encore
If you want to try out a Tunisian pattern before purchasing a Tunisian hook you can do so by using one of your existing crochet hooks. It’s a great way to practice but you have to make sure you can keep the stitches on your hook.
Tunisian Crochet Encore
Now to get started learning how to do the Tunisian crochet stitch follow one of the many free tutorials available online (see links below), take an online class, or if you prefer check out the instructions in a book.
Here are some great (free) tutorials and instructions along with photos on how to get started creating Tunisian crochet projects. – Has a great tutorial and lots of Tunisian crochet patterns that include basic stitches, changing colors and more. Check out the free instructions, and patterns here including the Tunisian Enterlac Throw pattern and cell phone bag.
Crocheting the Day Away – Blog provides an easy to follow tutorial and photos that make it easy to learn how to start creating a project using Tunisian crochet.
Tunisian Crochet Stitches - Learn How to Work Tunisian Crochet Stitches With the Free Stitch Tutorials
eBook Tunisian Crochet Stitch Guide

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