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How to Crochet a Kitchen Dish Towel Topper

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Crocheted dish towels are popular items for gifts and craft fairs. It seems like you can never have enough of them. Crocheted hand towels or dishtowel tops are easy to crochet and can be made in a variety of colors and styles.

Kitchen Towel Topper Pattern
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If this is your first try at crocheting a towel topper look for inexpensive dishtowels at the dollar store or at a department store. The materials you will need will be a dishtowel, cotton thread and a size C and G crochet hook to begin your project. Towels can be crocheted with a button or alternate patterns can be used without a button for your towel.
To begin choose a 15 inch wide dish towel (hand towel) to match your yarn or theme of your kitchen.
Next – cut your towel in half, across the width of the towel. (Note: you will be able to crochet two towels using this method.)
Next Step – fold the towel in thirds and lay the towel design side down on a flat surface and fold each side to the middle.
Round 1 – Using a size C crochet hook - 45 single crochet stitches on the cut top of towel; chain stitch three; then turn.

Round 2 - Use a G hook for the rest of the towel. Double crochet in each single-crochet stitch, chain stitch six and then turn.
Round 3 - Double crochet in the fifth single-crochet stitch; double crochet in next three single-crochet stitches, keeping the last loop of each stitch on hook; yarn over and pull through all four loops, forming a cluster; chain five; do four double crochets into cluster; chain five; cluster; continue this ending with a chain five and double crochet in the last single-crochet stitch; chain five; and turn.
Round 4 - Double crochet in fifth single-crochet stitch; cluster; chain five; cluster ending with a chain five and a double crochet in the last single-crochet stitch; chain five; and turn.
Round 5 - Repeat Row 4 until down to two clusters. Tie off.
Finishing - Lay towel facing you and add a button at the center of about Row 3.
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