Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Free Crochet Edgings and Border Patterns

Sometimes a plain edge just doesn’t cut it when you are finished with a crochet project. That is where adding a fancy edging or border to your crochet item falls into place. An edging provide a finished look to any pattern or project including pillow cases, towels, baby items and blankets.
Crochet-Edged Fleece Baby BlanketEdgings can be very simple to the most complicated and details pattern available. Edgings can be done in floral patterns, lace and basic single crochet. An edging can be crocheted using the same yarn as your project or using crochet thread to add a different look to a sewing project or garment.  
Crochet Edge for Baby Blanket
An edging can be crocheted using the same size crochet hook used on the original pattern or a smaller hook can be used to give a towel or pillow case a lace delicate look around the edge of the item.
More projects that can be crocheted using an edging can be bracelets, around buttonholes, a decorative scarf, crochet a necklace or around a t-shirt or collar edge. The possibilities are endless when it comes to adding borders and edgings around many items.

There are simple crochet edgings, plain crochet edgings, complex crochet edgings and even crochet edging tips provided in the links below. The next time you need to finish off a project neatly try out one of the crochet edgings featured and take your pattern from finished to fabulous with an edging or border added.
ePattern Heart Edging Crochet Pattern

Free Crochet Edging Patterns
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Crochet Edging Books

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