Friday, December 5, 2014

Brand your crafts and handiwork with personalized labels

Crochet Garment LabelsCrochet Garment Labels  If you create your own clothing, crochet items for gifts, knit for charity or craft shows you may want to think about investing in a few of your own personalized name brand labels for your crafts.

Knit Garment Labelspersonalized label sewn into your item can display the name of your business or just state that the item was made by you with your name on the label.
You can brand your handiwork with these personalized labels from Annie’s Catalog that are printed in red on washable fabric labels. Each label is 3/4" x 2 1/4" and there are 40 Personalized Labels in each package.
You can type the desired name up to 26 letters when ordering the above labels.
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A less expensive option is the easy stitch garment knit labels from Boye. These labels are perfect for hand knit or crochet items or hand-made items. They remind the recipient that the item was made with love and care by you. You can even write in your name or a special message on the label. The product can be written on and then sewn into your item.

Another type of label is an iron-on label which can be personalized and then iron on to the garment. The iron-on Quilt labels are a little bit larger and come in a variety of styles and sizes.
No matter what type of project you create adding a personal touch by including a label with your name on it makes the receiver of the item remember just how special your gift is each time they use it or wear it.
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