Saturday, November 8, 2014

Our Best Baby Afghans features 54 baby afghan patterns to crochet download

eBook Our Best Baby Afghans Crochet Patterns
Our Best Baby Afghans if now available as an eBook filled with 54 baby afghans to crochet and store on your tablet or computer.
The baby afghan patterns come in a variety of styles and can be crocheted in any of your favorite colors of baby yarns.
From ruffled afghans, to delicate lace, ripples, granny squares, easy and simple crochet afghans, pastels, diamonds and so many more to make all in one book. The great thing is now you can download the book and keep all 54 patterns or you can also order the printed version of the book.
The downloaded version of Our Best Baby Afghans is in PDF format. All you need to read the book is a device with a PDF reader. You can read the digital downloads on a variety of devices:
· Desktop and laptop computers (Mac or PC)
· iPad
Leisure Arts Our Best Baby Afghans Book
· Nook Color and Nook Tablet (may require installing an additional PDF reader)
· Most other tablets, including 10" tablets from Samsung, Coby, Motorola, and Asus

Because these eBooks usually include instructional photos and illustrations, it is recommend reading them on devices with full-color screens that are 10" or larger. 
The great thing about an eBook is once you download it you can access the patterns and print them off individually by page if they are available in a PDF format. Plus it is eco-friendly to download an eBook.

The projects in Best Baby Afghans include: Enchanting Diamonds, Pretty Posies, Gingham Checks, Blue Sky, Granny’s Love, Peppermint Wrapper, Ruffles All Around, Cozy Whisper, Cuddletime Blossoms, Diamond Trellis, Daisies for Baby, Ruffles & Ribbons, Field of Flowers, Cheery Stripes, Granny’s Girl, Rock-A-Bye Rainsong, Lacy Ripples, Hugs & Kisses, Sweet Softness, Rolling Ripples, Easter Mile-A-Minute, Hearts and Bows, Simply Beautiful, Bubbly Ripples, Downy-Soft Zigzags, Lacy Granny, Puff Parade, Itsy Bitsy Spiderweb, Gentle Caress. Wee Irish Chain, So Huggable, Woven Stripes, Gentle Waves, Miles of Shells, Rainbow Ripples, Pretty Diamonds, Flower Garland, Lullaby Shells, Honeycomb Wrap, Fenced-In Daisy, Flirty Ruffles, Granny Hearts, Dainty Delight, Baby-Soft Ripples, Welcome Home, Pastel Waves, Petal Stripes, Twirling Pinwheels, Posy Patch, Pastel Panels, Soft and Wonderful, Cloud-Soft Shells, Bathed in Bubbles, and Dreamy Inspiration.

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