Monday, November 10, 2014

Mystique Bargello Quilting Pattern is a beautiful illusion in a quilt to make

A bargello quilt is defined as using fabric strips in order to give your quilt pattern a look of waves. This interesting effect is evident in the Mystique Bargello Quilt Pattern featured on the Annie’s Web site.
The Mystique Bargello Quilt is a beautiful illusion in the form of a quilt. The easy strip-piecing method lets the quilter make a finished quilt without having to do tons of work.
The pattern provides instructions on how to purchase the fabric for making the quilt, how to piece all of the fabric together and how to chart it.
Fluttering Butterflies Quilt Pattern

 I Used to be a Layer Cake Quilt Pattern
The I Used to be a Layer Cake Quilt Pattern follows the bargello method also. Quilters can make 3 different versions of these 10” layer cakes. The directions provide details on how to make the quilts in larger versions.
 A Sweet Dreams  Bargello Quilt Pattern
Sweet Dreams Bargello Quilt pattern is another pattern that is beautiful and mesmerizing to look at and quilt. It uses 23 different shades of fabric using the strip-piecing method.
There are lots of wonderful tutorials and free instructions on You Tube if you prefer watching a video to learn how to make a bargello quilt before tackling a pattern.
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