Monday, November 17, 2014

How to make custom-fit slipcovers for chairs online sewing class

Custom-Fit Slipcovers: Chairs

Learn how to make custom-fit slipcovers for any size or style chair. It’s easy to learn with step-by-step video and online class instructions found in the class Custom-Fit Slipcovers. From learning how to identify a chair that is a good candidate for a makeover from choosing fabric this class will teach you how.
Custom-Fit Slipcovers: Chairs. Learn All About Sewing Slipcovers!Sew a slipcover for a chair and enhance your furniture instead of hiding it. Many of us have chairsthat are still in good shape but we may have just grown tire of the fabric on it. Whether you sew or are learning how to sew, making slipcovers for furniture is a craft that will provide fabulous results.
Techniques for draping and rough-cutting slipcovers that will bring life to any chair. Discover how to accurately measure furniture for estimating yardage of the fabric you will need, whether for an arm chair or dining chair.
Custom-Fit Slipcovers: Chairs. Learn All About Sewing Slipcovers!Custom-Fit Slipcovers: Chairs. Learn All About Sewing Slipcovers!Plus you can choose from two different hem options, and learn how to sew a zippered cushion cover when designing and completing an armchair makeover. Find tips on slip covering an entire set of chairs easily and quickly!
Choose the fabric you love, pick and chair to recover and by the end of the class you will have breathed life into your old furniture. Design a chair with your favorite fabric and create something that is uniquely you.

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