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How to crochet a snowflake using a crochet snowflake pattern

Crochet Snowflakes Crochet Snowflakes
Pretty crochet snowflakes make great ornaments, garland, decorations, add on to hats, mittens and sweaters, and for inspiration. Each individual snowflake is unique and one-of-a-kind. That makes crochet an ideal way to capture the creativity and masterpiece of snowflakes in their delicate shapes and forms. Just like snowflakes in winter the crochet snowflakes can be made in a variety of sizes, colors and shapes.
Snowflakes work up quickly and are fun to crochet. Most crochet snowflakes are made using crochet thread but they can easily be made with your favorite yarn.Snowflakes typically are crocheted with white thread or yarn but of course there are exceptions to make a snowflake using red, greens, blues and other colors to match a tree or your holiday decorations. The possibilities are endless.
The size of crochet hook is normally smaller for crocheted snowflakes. Although if you are crocheting with a heavier yarn a larger hook would be suitable. The pattern you crochet from will recommend a hook size and what type of thread or yarn to use.
Most crochet snowflakes are made by starting out with a ring. This can either be done by crocheting a circle using the slip stitch method or the magic ring method which is popular when beginning a circular project.
Scroll down on this page to view the list of Crochet Snowflake Patterns
Learn how to make a crocheted snowflake with one of the many free and paid for patterns you can download or view online below. There are several free patterns that are easy to follow and teach you how to make a snowflake.
Crochet Snowflakes These snowflakes all can be made using crochet cotton. The five patterns are beautiful and make great ornaments for you to decorate with. If you have some experience crocheting these patterns are a great way to begin making crochet snowflakes.
 Download the Book for Crochet Snowflakes here.

101 Snowflakes
If you are looking for a variety of snowflakes to crochet you may want to consider downloading one of these crochet snowflake books.

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