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Hot trends in Knitting Top 10 Free Infinity Scarves, scarf and cowl patterns

Knitted scarves have always been a popular item to make as gifts and now there are so many different types of yarns and a variety of knitted scarf, cowls, and infinity scarf patterns to choose from to make this holiday season. From simple scarves and cowls to ones that look intricate like the entrelac and basket weave styles but are easy to knit. There are a variety of patterns to choose from and knit in one day.
When knitting a scarf or cowl be sure to select the right yarn for your project. Choose a yarn that will be comfortable and durable for someone to wear around their neck. Also, make sure that you use the proper yarn for indoor wearing or an outdoor scarf pattern.
Many cowls and scarves are made to be worn indoors as an accessory so a lighter weight yarn may be the preferred choice for these projects. While a heavier yarn would be the choice to keep someone warm and cozy.
Here are the top trending free scarf and cowl patterns to knit this year (See photos below)
(Knitting : Steel Grey Chunky Circular Scarf1. Chunky Infinity Scarf Knitting Pattern - Infinity scarves are a popular item to knit and this one is a simple knit purl easy to make scarf that you can do quickly and make several up as gifts in any thick chunky style of yarn.
Entrelac Scarf 2. Entrelac Scarf Knitting Pattern - This pattern looks difficult and others will certainly ask you where you got your scarf but the pattern is quite simple to do. Although it looks like you have to weave it together is is actually knitted in one piece.
Basket Weave scarf 3. Basket Weave Scarf Knitting Pattern - A reversible wool type scarf with a texture that will certainly be something that will look stunning on you or your recipient. Plus it will keep you warm in the cold weather while being in style.
The Wren Cowl 4. The Wren Cowl Knitting Pattern - A cowl that is such a great accessory to knit because they are so versatile and easy to make. Plus you can easily customize this pattern to make it your own.
Snowdrift 5. Snowdrift Cowl Infinity Knitting Pattern - This beautiful pattern is simple to knit. The easy repeatable basket weave stitch is easy to follow and provides you with a soft, stretchy warm fabric. A gift that anyone will love!
Moebius Cowl with an I-cord 6. Moebius Cowl with Cord to Knit - Another easy to knit cowl or infinity scarf to knit to wear indoors or out. Great for fall and winter.
Diagonal Lace Scarf 7. Diagonal Lace Scarf Knitting Pattern - Simple and elegant scarf to knit that requires only basic knitting skills to make. Make this scarf for a great accessory to wear with a t-shirt or sweater.
Blocks of Color Scarf 8. Blocks of Colors Scarf Knitting Pattern - This block scarf can be knitted in a variety of color choices. It looks great if knitted with a lighter weight or bamboo yarn and both kids and adults will enjoy this scarf to wear.
1 Hour Herringbone Cowl 9. Herringbone Cowl to Knit in an Hour - Here is an easy cowl to knit in about 1 hour and make easy gift ideas for last minute gift giving.
West Desert Hood 10. West Dessert Hood Scarf - This beautiful hooded scarf in knitted in the colors of the dessert and makes a chunky full scarf to wear or give.
There are so many wonderful free scarf, cowl, and infinity scarves to knit that can be found online here are a few more of the free patterns you can download and start knitting today. View more free scarf and cowl patterns here.
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