Saturday, November 8, 2014

Free crochet ripple and chevron afghan patterns

Ripple crochet afghans are easy to crochet and can be done in a variety of styles and colors
ripple afghan is easy to crochet and makes a nice afghan or throw for home d├ęcor and gifts. A ripple, chevron, or wave afghan are a popular item to crochet because you can use a variety of yarn color combinations and enjoy designing a unique afghan.
The ripple afghan design works up much faster than most other afghan patterns. The zigzag or wavy rows are easily established. The pattern will come together quickly by simply repeating a stitch or two. The design does not require much counting or stitch changes but the results are always stunning.
A ripple crochet stitch is basically just adding stitches and skipping stitches across the length of the afghan. The fun part of crocheting a ripple afghan is choosing what color of yarn to create it in. A ripple afghan can be using many styles and weights of yarns and can be crocheted in one color, two colors or multiple colors, of yarn alternating the material to make is visually pleasing.
This type of afghan make can be made smaller for a baby gift, crochet a warm throws for a cold winter night or crochet a larger afghan for a living room or bedroom. Check out the ripple, chevron, and wave afghan patterns below for your collection or view our list of ripple afghan patterns to crochet.
Free Ripple and Chevron Afghan Patterns

Lacy Chevron ePattern

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