Sunday, November 23, 2014

Crochet with fabric squares to make a fabric crochet blanket

After finding a wonderful selection of fabric squares available in a variety of colors and styles I discovered a great idea to use crochet and fabric together to make a fabric and crochet blanket.
The nice thing about the fabric squares or fat quarters is that they are pre-cut and can be easily matched up with a solid yarn color to connect the squares. First select a choice of solid fabric squares or color floral or patterned squares to crochet together. Next, choose the yarn that will match the fabric when crocheting it together.
The blanket can also be made by cutting up 5 inch squares of fabric and crocheting them together. This method takes a little bit longer as you probably will want to sew around the edges of the fabric before joining together. Plus you will have to cut up all of the squares but if you have a favorite fabric to use it well worth the extra time for the outcome.

To start the project use a mixture of 5” x 5” fabric squares such as the Kaffe Fassett Charm Pack or many other selections of fabric squares . First sew about 48 charms (squares) together back to back with a blanket stitch around the edges at 1cm intervals. Next crochet using a single crochet stitch to crochet the charms (squares) together. To complete use a double crochet to make a beautiful edging around the blanket.
Get creative and make up your own crochet and fabric blankets and share them on our Facebook page with others or leave a comment below and tell us what you created with fabric and yarn. These blankets would be cool with Halloween fabrics, Christmas fabrics, floral prints and other unique fabrics and yarn colors available.
Learn more about joining fabric squares together here. Check out the fusion blanket free pattern instructions here online for making and sewing together one of these blankets. Check out the wide selection of fabric squares available and coordinating yarn colors to make a fabric crochet blanket.

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